Cali Crusher HYDRA Parts Replacement Kit

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Cali Crusher HYDRA Parts Replacement Kit The 3-in-1 HYDRA Replacement Parts Kit from Cali Crusher contains everything you might need to replace on the HYDRA. The kit includes a glass bubbler downstem, glass 1-hitter mouthpiece, glass spoon bowl and 4 rubber o-rings for all fittings. The 3-in-1 HYDRA is a smartly designed modular pipe that can be used 3 different ways. Combining a bubbler, spoon and one-hitter taster all in one, this pipe provides all of the options a smoker needs and is quite versatile. The one-hitter screws onto the top bowl section to form a spoon pipe which in turn screws onto the bubbler chamber to form a full bubbler pipe HIGHLIGHTS � Replacement glass & o-rings for the HYDRA � 1 bubbler down stem � (1) 1-hitter mouthpiece � 1 spoon bowl � 4 o-rings (all sizes included)